Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Follow Me . . . Dance With Me!

Follow Me . . . Dance With Me!

Who knows what a day will bring?
Not I said the girl
Not I said the man
Not I said the woman
Not I said the lad.
Not even I know always, said Spirit.

For my actions are dictated, held and formed
By each choice you make.
By the dance of faith you tap with life.
By the leap of hope seeping from you
And the spring of desire finding its freedom
I stand beside you.

Gently I nudge you to what’s best for you
But you always have to make the choice!
This existence is built on desire and choice
Both actions are stirred within the heart
Within the man
Within the woman
Within the boy
Within the girl.

Every choice you make is like
Taking a step onto the grand ballroom floor of life.

Waltz with me and I will elegantly whisk you into
Your great blissful beyond!
The more you follow
All the more will I lead!
The more you will be saturated by my essence
The more I will breathe into you
The more we will dance.
Dance you into the truth of your being!
Here in Now!
~viviangale~ 12/29/09 ©

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