Sunday, May 4, 2014

On Love and Fear
There are only two emotions; LOVE and FEAR.

Ø Fear is the energy which contracts, closes down, draws in, runs, hides, hoards, harms.

Ø Love is the energy which expands, opens up, sends out, stays, reveals, shares, and heals.

o  Fear wraps our bodies in clothing.
o  Love allows us to stand, naked.
o  Fear clings to and clutches all that we have.
o  Love gives all that we have away.
o  Fear grasps
o  Love lets go.
o  Fear infuriates
o  Love soothes.
o  Fear attacks
o  Love amends

             -Neal Donald Walsh-

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl XLVIII - Game Frenzy!

From the Eyes of a Novice!
Author: Vivian Gale

It’s a game people! Was what you would hear me exclaiming every chance I got, to anyone who would listen.  I struggle hard to understand the human affixation with sports. Seriously, growing up I thought if I was Jesus, I’d plan the Second Coming during a Super Bowl.
This is my very first time watching an entire football game. It’s probably my first time watching an entire episode of any game period.  I watched as grown men hurled themselves into a massive herd of man just waiting to leap on him because he was the one with the ball.

What drive and determination, and what inspirations the Seahawks were to me as they conquered their feeble opponents. It will always boggle my mind why the man/player runs the ball right smack into the middle of an obvious impenetrable barrier of men they can’t possibly forge their way through. Oftentimes it’s hard to tell who has the ball . . . explaining the multitude of playbacks one could only dream existed on the Soaps during a fight between Erick Cane and Vicky Buchanan on One Life to Life. Oh, wait, that was taken off with All My Children’s because it’s a “man’s world,” and men don't generally watch soaps; but I digress.

They want us women to watch “The Revolution, a weight loss show, which lasted a few weeks followed by The Chew, a, eat unhealthy food show, followed by the Doctors, and Dr. Oz. Many what a recipe for schizophrenia if I ever saw one. No wonder I’m watching football. There'd really be an earthquake if sports were taken off the air. Oops! No more digressing!

Wow, Seattle’s second touchdown via interception. I wish I could say Denver Broncos are giving it a good go, but; they look more sad and pathetic as the game goes on. I can barely look at them, I feel so bad, being empathic and all. Hum, nice commercial with David Beckham in his underwear sliding across two building in his under-draws like some type of superhero.

I’m feeling something in my stomach as the game goes on, like anxiety, or eagerness. It’s some type of adrenaline I suppose. It is  I guess what causes this game frenzy addiction. I don’t like that feeling so I'm guessing that’s the primary reason I stay away from sports and such. The Denver Bronco’s scored over 600 points this season, more than any other team in history. So, what really happened to Denver, they got eaten alive? They should wait a least one month before going home, Peyton Manning too.

Though I'm not an avid sports fan I must admit I want Seattle to win a bit more than I realize for several reasons:

1.      Seattle, my homeland- Richard Sherman Bragging rights!
2.      Randy, my honey will be difficult to live with for at least 2 weeks
3.      Players- they deserve it and I like to see young people of color succeeding.

Honestly, I never thought I'd see the day when white people cheered in the middle of the street holding up a sign with the head of a black man and a lynching wasn't involved. I'm just keeping it real. I was born in ‘62; the year Kennedy was assassinated so I've lived through the growth of our freedom and the end of slavery, with without its end, none of this would be possible.

Seattle Seahawks scored 3 times when they didn't even have the ball. This game was almost unbelievable to watch. I’m glad I picked this one to watch as my first. No more a virgin. I can't say that I’m a convert either. But, I'm beginning to understand.
From the eyes of a novice who spent most of her life intellectualizing I can say that the things I do believe that make watching sports great are:

1.      Camaraderie
2.      Adrenaline
3.      And a Sense of belonging and or
4.      Fitting in

When you pick a side you belong somewhere. Prior to this, I never felt a part of. I did watch the second half of the NFL Championship Game. And yes, I did get a little help with the terminology from my honey. I feel like I belong, I was part of The 12th Man, and they were many.

In closing, let me say, it was a hell of a game. Toward the end of it, I had only one pressing question which was answered by Pete Carroll, the Seahawks coach when he stated, “We didn't do anything different. No new tactics, etc. We just played how we always played.” I had been thinking, they must have studied new plays by watching the Bronco’s over the past couple of weeks off and changed their strategies.

Hat’s off to the Seahawks, they are so bad; they bought their weather with them! Ending the game 43-8. After all, “The name of the game is to score isn't it?”

Vivian Gale, Counselor and Author of
Fart in the Wind!

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