Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Law Of Honesty

From Something to Nothingness~

The most worthwhile task one will encounter in his lifetime is to come to know who he or she really is inwardly down to the core of his or her being.

Relating to God, people and all things from that place of authenticity is next.
You can strive for money and things, provisions, degrees, notoriety etc. but until you have made the ultimate journey into self you have gathered naught.

The desire to belong arises from feeling empty. Because of that emptiness we seek to fill it with things, accomplishments, other people and what we deem will make us successful and famous. Once you are famous, you convince yourself that your emptiness if fulfilled, surrounded by awards and dwindling greenbacks your soon left only with memories. People approach you from time to time remembering who you were or the thing that you did and it feels good momentarily but then, you slip back into dusty waning memories denying that emptiness is still your closest ally.

Depression and self loathing commence as your awards fade and tarnish.

Being empty may be one of the most wonderful of experiences one can hope for. For in that emptiness, in that quietude we find the original state before creation was. Only what appeared as emptiness was the fullness of God~

The Law of Honesty beckons us to not deceive ourselves. When we live according to our highest Light, more Light will be given.

Today’s Scripture
1Cor 11:28 For if we judge ourselves, we need not be judged.

Today’s Affirmation
The Law of the Lord is perfect converting the soul. The testimony of the Lord is pure, making wise the simple. Today I will apply the Law of Honesty in my life and it will dispel all self deceit. As I live according to my Highest Light, more Light will be given.

Peace and Blessings on Your Journey into You!
Vivian Gale@