Friday, December 23, 2016

Alone for the Holidays?

Are You Tired of Being Alone on the Holidays? 

Not being in a relationship during the Holidays is difficult for most people. The best thing to do is to embrace your reality.

Embrace your reality by accepting that this is the way it is today, but starting tomorrow, you're going to find ways to start making new friends and getting out more and increase your chances of making that special connection!

Here are some ways to Get Out More: 

  1. - Just type in your interest or hobbies and it will pull up a lot of things going on in your area. 
  2. Go for a Walk - Don't have a destination, be carefree and say hi to everyone you see. You'll meet nice people this way, it always works for me. 
  3. Go to a Casino - You don't even have to spend money, just watch other people lose theirs. There's usually free soda pop, coffee, tv's, music and dancing and most Casino's have free events. Plenty of opportunities to meet fun outgoing people. 
Before I met my wonderful husband I was in your shoes and I liked to read books on dating, search the internet for dating advice and tips etc., See below, I'm sharing one of my favorite dating resources with you women out there looking for Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now! 

HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM me..... Click Here   

Saturday, September 10, 2016

TEDxMileHigh - Robyn O'Brien - Patriotism on a Plate

Because of her daughter's food allergy, she begins examining food in America.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Suppressing Negative Emotions

Because of the embarrassment and shame attached to farting, we hold in a lot of crap. We gather painful events and suppress them just like we stuff things in our closets, attics, and basements that we don’t want to throw away. We keep them there for years. But why, why do we put this stuff in storage? We cannot figure out what to do with it, but it must bring us some kind of reward. 

Our attics and basements are filled with old stuff from our past. It may bring fond memories, but holding on to stuff and collecting stuff can easily overcrowd our living space and overcrowd our enjoyable space, just like in the mind.

When our living space/enjoyable spaces become cluttered with old stuff, others seem to recognize it before we do. What happens when they bring it to our attention? We defend our stuff—our baggage. We identify who we are by that old stuff. We cling to it fearing if we let it go we are losing a part of ourselves we need to be happy or content.

For two decades, I carried around a pair of old Thom Mcan shoes I bought when I was seventeen. They were the first things I bought with my paycheck from my first real job. I called them snow stompers. Living on the East Coast, I needed them. Every winter I brought them out and told my children the same story about how long I had them, and how I bought them with my first paycheck from my first job. Then one day about eight years ago, they just disappeared. I suspect my oldest daughter retired them and the stories they carried. Many times, I wish I still had them.

Space is an awesome no-thing. In fact, the universe is composed of more space than actual galaxies, stars, and planets. The earth travels through this space at the rate of 66,700 miles per hour. That is why we feel so inspired at the park or at the waterfront, or in St. Peter’s Cathedral. These places reek of awesome beauty and possibility; they’re also very spacious. 

The more stuff we suppress in our mental and physical space, the more that awesome emptiness drains away, and the more overwhelmed we feel. We need space to enjoy the things that do exist. When you buy a new dress or suit, give one away. Cherish your space more than anything.

Space is an awesome no-thing. That is why we feel so inspired because of it. It is awe-inspiring yet within it exist endless possibilities. It connects to our soul. Keep a clean, spacious consciousness, by not holding on to  junk, such as envy, past hurts, or vengefulness. Even the energy it takes to dislike someone takes up a lot of space in your mind. Negative thought energy disperses inside our mind and body, the same way darkness encompasses the night and pervades everything around it.

Suppressing negative thoughts is like shoving poison deep into your body. Notice the next time a thought comes that you don’t want to deal with; the first reaction is to send it back where it came from, or shove it down inside the body. Pay close attention to how you feel physically the moment you shove that thought back or down inside the body.

There is a noticeable adverse physical reaction, like when you eat something bad and your stomach is in a knot. When I’ve done it, I've actually felt a sensation traveling throughout my body, through my nervous system or blood stream or both, like I ate something I was allergic to. That is one sensation I am well used to.

That feeling is the negative emotion attached to the thought. I learned however, instead of pushing the thoughts and emotion back down, inside the body, I let them come up, one at a time. I visualize the thought moving up, out of the head, and then release it by consciously sending it out of the body. This way it causes no physical harm to the body. The result is a wonderful freedom.

 When I have done this successfully, the thought never returns to me again, ever, with that awful negative emotion attached to it. Try releasing your negative thoughts and feelings this way. If you want them back, you have to go find them in the universe. Good luck with that! Once you set that thought and feeling free, thereby diffusing them, they are gone forever.

Imagine that! If you experience it again, simply repeat the procedure, but this time make sure you have allowed the thought to fully surface before releasing it. For me, once has always been enough. Of course you will think of the situation from time to time, but it will seem like a lifetime ago, and it will have no emotional effect.

You’ve just read an excerpt from Fart in The Wind, Get Rid of Emotional Flatulence. Get your copy today at and on Amazon. Available in Paperback and on Kindle.

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Vivian Gale., AS, BA, Counselor
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Sunday, May 4, 2014

On Love and Fear
There are only two emotions; LOVE and FEAR.

Ø Fear is the energy which contracts, closes down, draws in, runs, hides, hoards, harms.

Ø Love is the energy which expands, opens up, sends out, stays, reveals, shares, and heals.

o  Fear wraps our bodies in clothing.
o  Love allows us to stand, naked.
o  Fear clings to and clutches all that we have.
o  Love gives all that we have away.
o  Fear grasps
o  Love lets go.
o  Fear infuriates
o  Love soothes.
o  Fear attacks
o  Love amends

             -Neal Donald Walsh-