Monday, August 31, 2009

Been On A Good Date Lately?

I'm reminded in this struggling economy of times in my life that were empty, lonely and barren "dark seasons." Times of sadness and hardships that either tear a person up or bring people together. On the mountaintop we celebrate, but it's in the vallies that transformation takes place.

In my personal life these are the times when I really got with God and myself. Actually more like God getting me to himself for a while without distraction. Those have been some of the hardest and most difficult to endure when resisting them. But once I yielded and accepted this time of peace, grace, and of not knowing…what was in my tomorrows; is when I was able to surrender, let my guards down and trust. Simply trust the same Force that created me to carry me through.

Inspiration and comfort often comes to me in the form of great books in those times. The communion and wisdom birthed is so encompassing and life changing, that I am here to encourage you to be still. Be still with God, get with God, let God get with you. Ask Spirit to guide you and show you what's next. Until then simply breathe…in…out…in…and out. And be comforted knowing that God is standing by. It's time for a date with God.

Fart In The Wind was written during my dates with God, with my own soul and with my own experiences and tears. I've lent you the wisdom I've gained in my "dark seasons," in Fart In the Wind." So, I'm inviting you to spend some time in your "dark seasons" with God. Let Spirit minister to you in a way that only a genuine love interest can. Hitting all you hidden spots and caressing where it hurts, bringing light into the dark corners of uncertainty, today…alone…just you…and God…make the date. Your worth it. There is no better lover.

You can't afford not to read this book. You will see a new you and a new tomorrow before it even comes.

Vivian Gale, aka Freedom Gale, AS., BA

Counselor/Author/Spiritual Mid-Wife

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